Scales of War Metrocenter

A Job Offering and Boss Erron (and Happy)

  • Graydan spends his evening writing letters to Jalissa, the acolyte of Ioun with whom he shared some pleasant times back in Brindol. Unfortunately, his writing disturbed the sleep of Fletcher, with whom he shared a room, causing him to have a bit of a temper for the rest of the day. As the sun rises on Overlook, Graydan finds a courier, Steven Goodman, of Steeds For Speed, who will take his bundle of letters to Jalissa within the week for a mere six gold.
  • The morning sees a small procession for the war heroes at Bordin’s Watch. As the injured veterans mill down the city’s central Dwarfroad, the people of Overlook wander down to pay tribute and to satisfy their curiosity: it is rumored that Happy Dragonrider will be among the parade’s marshalls! In fact, the centerpiece of the parade is a wooden rendering of Happy’s lucky ride, pulled by young, grumbling members of the City Guard. Happy, wandering from the High Society, happens upon the float and climbs aboard, waving boisterously to the delight of the assembled people.
  • Graydan and Fletcher watch the parade with some interest, while looking for a person who might be able to help patch up relations between the City Guard and the Revolutionaries. What they weren’t looking for was Rhogar, a Dragonborn sorcerer who claimed to be a war hero from Bordin’s Watch. The charming liar was chatting up Lietenant “Lulu” Lucille Hardcraft, a member of the Guard whose defining feature was that she had as many teeth as she had fingers. After agreeing to meet at sundown, Rhogar noticed Happy’s float, and decided to steal some of the glory for himself by scaling the structure and waving to the crowd. Happy wasn’t pleased by this usurping of his glory, and made Rhogar sit down so that everyone could see Happy.
  • After the parade, the adventurers decide to pursue some lead dealing with the conflict between the Guard and the Revolutionaries. Along the way, Fletcher hears a small girl reciting that same rhyme heard on their way into town:

The Ghost Who Hangs
He comes for your breath
He tightens the noose
and sees your death

He sees your sins
He sees your soul,
They’ll bury your corpse
So deep in a hole

The Ghost Who Hangs
He smells your fear
When he comes
He’ll hold you dear.

  • Disturbed by the poem, Fletcher asks the girl where she heard it. “From Molly,” she answered, indicating her button-eyed doll. The provincial Brindolmen all immediately used their scrying on the doll, to see if it might be a form of malignant evil, but they determined that its magic was entirely benign – it had a charm which would allow it to always be found by the girl. It is likely that the mother or grandmother of the girl is a wax witch. The girl, tired of being questioned, runs off to meet some friends, and the Brindolmen head to the bar.

*This seedy place in the shadows of town looks dangerous, and dangerous it proved. The bartender, a woman with an eye-patch named Kyne, speaks roughly, and has little time for Graydan’s high minded preaching or for Rhogar’s obvious come-ons. Two of the three goliath bouncers take Rhogar into the side room for a discussion about manners and propriety, while Happy cheerfully shares his gigantic mug of beer with everyone who would share.




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