Scales of War Metrocenter

The Brindolmen are named

The party is named

The party rescues Eoffram Troyas and his son from the burning council chambers. The monk escapes from the burning building by jumping through the burning roof. Many of towns children begin to idolize the monk.

Rewards and repair. The group donates half of their reward back to the town for repairs. They also meet the FreeRiders, another adventuring group of heroes that chased down the routed goblin army of the Red Hand. The FreeRiders bring some recruits for R. Brus Hartman’s new [{Brindol]] militia. the militia is also granted rights to a burned out residence that will become their new barracks and traing ground once repaired. The militia gets three unlikely recruits, Splank, Splink, and Splunk, the Goblin Brothers.

The party has named themselves, thanks to Happy Ianallareau. The party is now called the Brindolmen.

The Brindolins head off to Overlook to answer the call to heroes. Quickly they arrive and are treated to a heroes welcome. The FreeRiders are appointed to the critical mission of sealing off the tunnels beneath Bordrin’s Watch, a Dwarven stronghold in the mountains. The Bridolins volunteer to rescue the monks at the Monestery of the Sundered Chain as their first step in completing their quest to Stop the Orc Horde.

Traveling through the mountains to finally arrive at the monestery is exhausting and takes a little longer than expected. Upon their arrival, many are found dead. The undisciplined orc sentries feast upon the bodies of the dead – friend and foe alike! these sentries are no match for the Brindolins! (564 / 5 = 113 XP)

The party enters the desecrated temple of Moradin and stops a dark ritual being performed by a Orc witch doctor. This villian and his henchemen are quickly dispatched. During the battle Graydan’s Singing Sword begins to let out a melodic moan, decrying the suffering felt in the temple. A level 7 ritual is found by Content Not Found: damanos. (651 / 5 = 130 XP)

PARTY CUMULATIVE EXPERIENCE = 3836 XP (we are going to play one more day at 3rd level; everyone can level up to 4th level after returning to civilization).



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