Scales of War Metrocenter

The City of Overlook

In which the party returns from the Shadowfell and find themselves in the middle of a rebuilding city.

As the party dusts themselves off after their murderous jaunt in the Shadowfell, the party discovers that veterans from the town guard have been promoted to duty at Bordin’s Watch in order to shore up their defenses, and the guards left in town are very raw recruits – many appear to be teenagers. There are also a number of people walking the streets with red sashes tied to their left arms, just above the elbow – they self identify as Revolutionaries. Fletcher also heard a disturbing children’s rhyme about a ghost who kills, but doesn’t know if it means anything other than the town’s mood is pretty grim right now.

The party attempts to report their activities to the captain of the guard whom they worked with earlier, but find that he has been promoted to Bordin’s Watch. Instead, when they enter the Ministry of War, the headquarters of the City Guard in Overlook, and the recruiting station for the army at Bordin’s Watch, they meet a very, VERY green Lieutenant Armano Steele, who asks them their business. Happy injects that he is friends with the Revolutionaries, and the Lieutenant becomes visibly alarmed. Graydan mentions that they killed someone in the Shadowfell, and the Lieutenant actually stands up and starts to back away from his station, making a warding signal. More and more guards start to come out of the hold, and the party draws their weapons and slowly backs out, except for Happy, who keeps the guards at bay with his comment that it would be pointless to play a game together, since they would just lose. The terrified guards cautiously follow the party into the courtyard.

Out in the courtyard of the High Hall district, the players have a chance to escape and regroup, but choose to face the pursuing guards after a nervous private fires a crossbolt which, through some stroke of luck or fate, actually hits Happy. So there was a battle, which was basically a slaughter – the inexperienced guards were clearly outmatched and scared witless of actual battle. After the first round, a group of onlookers identified themselves as Revolutionaries and told the players to follow them. The party basically ignored them. Soon, one of the more veteran soldiers, Captain Krag Ramshead, arrives. His rune covered armor and hammer catch the eye of the runepriest minotaur Karkillian, who charges the Captain and staggers him with runic magic, blinding him the bargain. The Captain staggers back as his person entourage of youthful soldiers surround the over-exposed Karkillian, swinging wildly to bring down the raging beast.

The Revolutionaries, seeing that the party does not intend to leave the fray, begins to retreat themselves. An dashing elf revolutionary orders a defensive retreat. Just before they slip down the back alley, the elf tells Graydan, “Meet at the shanty graveyard at midnight in two days!” As the elf turns to see the approaching guard, his eyes go cold and he punctures the man’s throat with his rapier. Horrified, Graydan fights his impulse to walk past the dying man and stabilizes him.

At the same moment, Happy hears a voice he recognizes when the Captain, trying to shake off the stunning headache Karkillian gave him, starts yelling orders at his troops. Happy greets his father’s first-cousin, who convinces him to ask his fellow Brindolmen to lay down their arms until they can check out their story.

While the Brindolmen cool their heels in the ‘waiting room’, they receive a letter from Brus Hartman, their liaison in Brindol. He requests money for help building up their headquarters, which the Brindolmen gladly provide. Graydan writes out a note to Brus describing exactly how they would like the headquarters to have and they send it with a messenger.

Soon, Captain Ramshead returns, and grudgingly lets the Brindolmen go, warning them to stay out of trouble, as he has put his reputation on the line to get them out of trouble for injuring so many city guards.

After the party leaves, they split up. Happy stays in the center of town at the High Society team room tavern, where his uncle makes the necessary arrangements. While dining, Happy is pleased to meet many of the diners, who regard the oafish, but sweet half-orc as a clown. Fletcher decides to scout around Elftown, discovering that there are actually very few elves in the place, and the ones that ARE there don’t want anything to do with him. He does meet a halfling who is willing to talk to him. As payment for his kindness, Fletcher gifts the halfling with a drumstick from a chicken, which the halfling greatfully accepts. After the conversation, Fletcher spies the halfling picking the pocket of a nobleman. Checking his own purse, Fletcher finds 5 of his gold pieces missing. Graydan and the rest go back to the edge of the town and elect to stay overnight in the Mountain’s Hearth, a three story inn run by the agreeable dwarven madame Reggen. Graydan puts out a number of queries as to the town’s current ills, and he gets a mouthful. Graydan resolves to find someone who can pull together the fraying factions in the town.

NEXT TIME As night falls, the Brindolmen enjoy an idle sleep, enjoying accommodations for the first time in a week. But Overlook is a town that never sleeps, and idle hands are the devil’s playthings.



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