Scales of War Metrocenter

The Lair of the Undead King

In which the party confronts the Undead King in his chamber room, and interrupt a dark and disturbing ritual.

  • The party bursts into the Undead King’s Lair and see one main room and one room barred by bookshelves.
  • Reanimated hobgoblin corpses face the adventurers.
  • The party gains the attention of the Undead King. He teleports to the center of the room.
  • The party attacks the Undead King with all their might, as he laughs at their futile efforts.
  • As the party destroys the Undead King’s minions, they notice a pained expression on his face each time.
  • The party desperately struggles to destroy the minions before they are killed and reanimated by the Undead King as part of his terrible army.
  • The Undead King’s chief, a huge reanimated being of solid necrotic energy, attacks the party. * Upon his death, the entire area is suffused with necrotic energy, healing all the Undead King’s minions, but also granting the party extra energy and purpose.
  • The party struggles to the altar, where the boy Thurran is slowly spinning behind a cloud of necrotic energy. As the monk Garrow pulls the boy into place, Aikkiphelios, Graydan and Damanos channel radiant energy into him and the altar, ending the ritual and killing the remaining minions.
  • Exposed and vulnerable, the Undead King is killed by a single arrow of radiant light from Fletcher.

The party takes a short rest, and faces a difficult choice:

  • Search for the last hostage, Happy’s adoptive father, or
  • Return to Brindol at once to aid the town against Sinruth’s assault?

Major Quest: The Undead King completed: 200 xp.
The Undead King: 300 xp
The Undead King’s Minions: 68 xp each times (10 archers + 13 soldiers)= 1564 xp
The Hobgoblin Deathwatcher: 150 xp
Ending Ritual before Thurran’s possession: 186 xp
Total XP: 2400

Six party members
Happy, Aikkiphelios, Graydan, Garrow, Damanos, Fletcher

Total XP earned: 400 per character

3193 XP



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