Scales of War Metrocenter

The Sacking of Brindol


  • After an argument, the party decides to delay its return to Brindol until they find Happy’s father.
  • Upon their arrival in Brindol, the party finds the city burning and a number of hobgoblin soldiers milling around under the authority of a hobgoblin warcaster.
  • After providing for the safety of the townspeople they’d rescued, the party rushes headlong into the battle, discovering Sinruth, the giant hobgoblin leader.
  • Swarmed by hobgoblins, Happy succeeds in taking out the warcaster and a few grunts before he is knocked unconscious. Surprisingly, Sinruth, despite taking massive damage, stays on his feet.
  • Archers appear on the burning rooftops of the town to lash out at the party. The Hobgoblin grunts move to engage the ranged member’s of the party.
  • After a concentrated effort to take down Sinruth, R. Brus Hartman’s piercing sword rends the villain’s heart in two, killing him instantly.
  • After Sinruth’s death, the remaining archers flee into the town and the adventurers are left to pick up the pieces.

Major Quest Completed: Rescue at Rivenroar: 500 xp
Sinruth – 125xp
Snarling Sinruth – 125xp
Desperate Sinruth – 125xp
Hobgoblin Warcaster – 150 xp
Hobgoblin Archers – 100 times 4 – 400 xp
Hobgoblin Grunts – 38 times 15 – 570 xp
Total XP: 1995 xp

Five party members
Happy, Graydan, R. Brus Hartman, Damanos, Fletcher

Total XP earned: 400 per character




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