Master Wishlist

Item Wishlist for all active PCs


GM / Mike: At some point, it would be very helpful if you would send me a list of items, by type, that the characters you’ll be playing through Rivenroar would like to see as magical items. I anticipate that every character will have at least one item by the time this dungeon is completed.

(Gumby’s note – your preferences may change over time, especially when you take new rules such as Inherent Bonuses into consideration. There’s a checkbox to notify the GM if you make changes to your list.)

Items that R. Brus Hartman would hope to requisition in order to improve his effectiveness against the enemy, in order of priority:

  1. +1 Tactician’s Chainmail
  2. Casque of Tactics
  3. +1 Brooch of No Regrets
  4. Chieftain’s Weapon (any 1 handed spear)
  5. Luckblade or Farbond Spellblade (longsword)
  6. Cloak of the Chirurgeon
  7. Acrobat Boots or Sandals of Precise Stepping
  8. Feyleaf Vambraces

Items that Fletcher might use to lead the attack:
Number = item level

  1. Distance Weapon (longbow) +1
  2. Eagle Eye Goggles
  3. Bracers of the perfect shot

Items that Content Not Found: damanos might use to generate more heals:

Items that Content Not Found: aikephalos might use to manipulate reality:

Items that Content Not Found: graydan might use to set dudes on fire:

Items that Content Not Found: happy might use to chop with:


Master Wishlist

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