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Wed Dec 29, 2010

All characters started the session at level 3.
Level 2 of the dungeon was entered, with the rescued hostages in tow, and 3 goblins in a sack.

4 Hobgoblin Grunts
2 Goblin Picadors
FEATURES – 2 harmless gargoyle statues; 1 pit that no one fell in on accident
TREASURE = 100 /3 = 33 GP

FEATURE – scrying pool discovered

1 Carnage Demon
2 Wererats
FEATURE – arcane circle containing demon; weak floor in the hallway

2793 XP

Burnt Vermin

In which riches flow, rats burn, and knives bite.

  • The party searches the dining hall for loot.
    -→Level 3 Footslot Item for Fletcher
    -→Armor of Shared Suffering +2 for Happy
    -→Level 3 Hide Armor for Brus
    -→xxx Gold total (XXX when split 4 ways)
    -→One antique pearl necklace (XXX gold)
  • The party sends the hobgoblin warcaster, beaten and bruised, into the room where Miralta is being held. They hear him die a horrible, burning death.
  • Entering the chamber themselves, they encounter some dire rats and fire traps. After dispatching them, Fletcher approaches Miralta. At the last moment, two dangerous looking goblin blackblades strike him. Fortunately, Fletcher is able to recover and the goblins are killed, allowing the adventurers to save the cook Miralta.
    -—>Eight rubies recovered from the dragon statues (worth about 50 gold each)
Council and Clash

In which our adventurers discover an undead spectre, fire elementals, Brindol’s castillion, and twin hobgoblins in a dining hall.

  • The party confronts a raving spectre, who attempts to persuade the party to give him secrets in return for the remaining hostages. When his entreaties are rebuffed, he summons skeletons to attack the party.
  • Continuing the search through Rivenroar, the party destroys two fire elementals and rescues the Castellian of the Hall of Valor from Brindol, Sertanian, who evidently hates all goblinoids, including the party’s three adoptees.
  • The party retraces its steps, and encounters a group led by twin hobgoblins. The party dispatches the confused hobgoblins and takes a hobgoblin warcaster for some much needed questioning.

“That tapestry… it’s moving…” Aikkiphelios was disturbed to see the eyes of the princely figure following the party. He shivered, and hoped his fellows would think it the unnatural cold of the chamber-room. He called out, “Show yourself! We mean no harm!”

And behold, the spectre hovered out of the tapestry, a withered approximation of a man, human, with strips of flesh hanging languidly from his exposed arms, one bony right hand paired with the withered fleshy left. His clothing implied regality, if not nobility, but was dirty and tattered, where it could be seen.

“Hello, hello, who are you, You?” he pointed a bony finger at the party.

The party stood coy, waiting for more information about the nature of the being in front of them. Brus began to doubt the wisdom of taking this path which the hobgoblins, fierce as they were, obviously took pains to avoid. “Are you here to help us? Do you know where the townsfolk of Brindol are?”

The spectre looked at them quizzically. “Manners, decorum must be observed, OB-serv-v-ved! Who are you? I know why you are here, who are you, You?”

The half-orc Happy leered questioningly at the spectre, crouching into a balanced stance. “Who are you?” the retort.

The spectre, visibly amused (or exasperated?) replied, “Who am I? I am not the rude, RUDE one here, you guests knocking unannounced, seeking things, I know what, but who are you is not known! I am Lord Dread, and I offer you an exchange, travelers, a bargain! A deal!”

Aikkiphelios strode forward warily. “What bargain do you offer?”

“Easy, simple, an exchange! Five secrets, just five! You give me the secrets, true secrets, and I will guarantee you will leave this place with six of the captives you seek! It is within my power, PO-wer!”

“A secret, eh…” grumbled Greydan. “I have a secret for you… I wear women’s underwear!”

All heads turned, jaws gaping, including the hideously unhinged jaw of the spectre. It quickly regained its composure. “You LIE to me, a prince of secrets, and expect a bargain! This is not how to play this game. I offer you again, a secret, and you will leave here with six! Six of the townspeople you seek.”

The adventurers quickly conferred as the spectre regarded them with impatience.

“How many people are we here to save?”
“Seven, I think.”
“What’s this talk about six? That can’t be good”
“There’s a trick here somewhere.”
“I’m bored. I want to leave.”

All eyes turned toward Happy as he turned to leave. Gazing at the spectre, he said, “You’re boring. I’m a’leave now.”

As Happy turned his back and walked away, Lord Dread seemed to begin to simmer with anger. Both his hands pulled into taut fists.

“You may not le-AVE, leave! We are not done with our BUSINESS!” he shrieked. He gesticulated wildly, as the forms of hobgoblin skeletons took shape, surrounding the party.

Mushrooms and Goblins Roasting Near an Open Fire

In which the adventurers rescue their first townsperson, Jallisa, and encounter Toreek, a Hobgoblin Drake Trainer with a few goblins in his arsenal.

  • Adventurers rescue Jallisa, an acolyte of Ioun, who can read thoughts with a touch.
  • Adventurers venture deeper underground to confront a Hobgoblin Drake trainer and his drakes.
  • The party kills the drake trainer and his pets, but saves the three goblins he uses as bombs.
  • Despite Damanus’ protests, the party decides to adopt the goblins.
Arrival at Castle Rivenroar

In which our adventurers decide to announce their assault on Castle Rivenroar and Sinruth’s horde by direct assault.

  • The adventurers begin a frontal assault on Castle Rivenroar.
  • Chasing a goblin from the anteroom of the castle, Happy stumbles across the Van Jallach crypt entrance.
  • After killing the hobgoblin guards, the adventurers unlock the crypt room using a set of magical runes embedded on the floor.
Traveling through Kruthilik Pass

In which the adventurers travel to Rivenroar Castle to fulfill their promise to Eofforam, and find an infestation in their chosen path.

  • On the way to The adventurers stumble upon a kruthulik hive, and barely escape with their lives.
  • The adventurers attack the hive again in order to liberate an ancient treasure.
Tryouts and Tests

A day in which the adventurers receive work, which may be more dangerous than it seems, and question a captive hobgoblin, who may be more than meets the eye.

  • The adventurers return the gold to the local sheriff and meet a refugee from a sacked caravan.
  • Eofforam Troyas, the eccentric councilman, auditions the adventurers for a quest:
    • Save the seven townspeople kidnapped by the hobgoblins.*
    • Recover the relics from the town’s museum.*
  • The adventurers question a captured hobgoblin and discover the location of Castle Rivenroar.
A Bag for Each Head
  • The adventurers spot a thief looting in the town.
  • They chase him through the woods outside of town.
  • Confronting the leader of the thieves guild, the adventurers attack and wipe them out.
  • A tiefling mercenary attempts to steal the stolen gold, but only makes off with a handful.

The hobgoblin raiding party now departed and time for the motley band of adventurers to take stock of the situation. As they help to put out fires and tend to the wounded and dying, Damanus sees an oddly dressed man carrying a heavy sack. When the bard approached the man, he turned and ran into the woods, and Damanus raised the alarm: “Thieves and looters! Stop them!”

A number of nearby adventurers tumbled headlong in pursuit but were halted by the thick underbrush and clinging thorns, at least until the barreling heft of Happy blazed a savage but manageable trail. Luckily, the adventurers were able to direct the somewhat dim attention of the half-orc towards the clearing where the thief had entered. Upon bursting into the clearing, the adventurers saw a gathering of thieves and rogues, mismatched and as motley a crew as could be imagined.

Pitch and Tumble
  • Adventurers help residents put out fires.
  • Investigate explosions near center of town and discover huge ogre throwing casks of burning pitch.
  • Adventurers quickly overwhelm the ogre and repel the remaining hobgoblins in town.

The momentary reprieve of the victory at the Scaled Hog Inn was not to be long lived. The adventurers quickly realized that the attack on the Inn was only a small part of a much larger hobgoblin raid! Racing into the town to douse flames and defend innocent townspeople, the group was drawn to bone-rattling bursts of concussive explosions echoing from between the buildings just a block north.

As the would be heroes snaked through the buildings, they were surprised to see a full grown Ogre hitched to a wagon throwing barrels of burning pitch as screaming townspeople, including Old Gregory. Even as Brus tried to distract the lumbering giant from this deadly task, the ogre struck Gregory square in the back, igniting him in a maelstrom of shrieking heat. The adventurers needed no further prompting to engage and destroy the monster. Spurred on by the encouragement and tactics of his new friends, and enraged by the death of a man who had treated him with nothing kindness, Happy brutally put down the Ogre with multiple lighting fast passes of his deadly axe.

The hobgoblin assistants to the Ogre ran off, but the heroes would show no mercy to the monstrous raiders, chasing them down and ending their raid for good. As the sounds of the main hobgoblin raiding party faded out in the distance, the adventurers could hear nothing but wailing mothers and the crackle of homes burning all around them.

Surprise at the Scaled Hog Inn

In a land of danger and mystery, surrounded by forces which seek to consume it, the town of Brindol stubbornly persists…

  • Adventurers chilling at Brindol’s renouned Scaled Hog Inn.
  • Hobgoblin soldiers with Red Hand uniforms burst in and attempt to kill civilians.
  • Adventurers save inn, kill hobgoblins.
  • As surviving hobgoblins flee, the adventurers pursue them outside.

Many adventurers have heard of the town of Brindol. Famed far and wide as the last stand of the raging hobgoblin horde, “The Red Hand,” Brindol is practically a place of pilgrimage for those who would earn their fortune at the point of a blade, or with the ocher magicks of a staff.

But the invasion was one hundred years ago, a lifetime for some races… an ancient memory to the mostly human population of present day Brindol.

The Story Begins

A night like any other: clear skies, cool air, and a pleasant ruckus at the Scaled Hog Inn greets townspeople and adventurers alike. Some patrons order ale, other play at a rowdy game of darts (don’t sit near the firing lane!), while some simply sit on the rustic chairs, glad for a night of comfort and warm food.

The shattering crunch of the front door practically flying off its hinges sucks the air out of the room. Four heavily armed hobgoblins rush into the inn, swords outstretched to skewer the nearest bar patrons. “For Sinruth! For the Hand!” they cry.

Unluckily for them, they were met with swift resistance. As the weary shaman Maven and her crow spirit companion locked down the door, Damanos, the mercenary bard, attacked the immobile aggressors his deadly bow, as the local adopted son, Happy Ianallareau cut them down with his over-sized axe. Hartman *discovered, to his surprise, that *Happy *could be exhorted to carve yet-wider paths of destruction than he was already doing – while setting the half orc to that task, *Hartman convinced a wounded villager to get to his feet instead of dying to self-pity and cowardice. The scoundrel tiefling Aikkiphelios saved a burning villager while using his psionic powers to repel the hobgoblins storming in the window. The combined strength of the adventurers in the Scaled Hog Inn was more than enough to repel the invading hobgoblins and save the assembled townspeople without any causalities.

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