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WHERE: This campaign is currently running in the back of the Game Nightz store near MetroCenter in Phoenix, AZ.
WHEN:We play each Wednesday night, immediately after DnD Encounters is finished. We started in Fall of 2010 and will play until the 30 levels are complete.

Characters should now be Level 6 and should be using the Inherent Bonus system from DMG2 or Dark Sun.

In addition, characters should also create 5 Aspects for their characters. Aspects, a mechanic from the FATE system, will be explained on the Forums.

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Home (this page) Return here when you are lost, or are looking for somewhere else to explore.
Adventure Log Read the adventure notes here and add some of your own.
Wiki NOW INCLUDES OVERLOOK – This is an index of all the wiki pages. This is the jumping off point to the majority of the content pages.
Characters Check out the other players’ characters and post your own.
Items This is a list of the key items in the ongoing adventure, included is a PC wish list; update yours now!
Forums Ancient Greece had forums and so do we.
Maps Currently a map of Brindol.
Comments Place your comments here.

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Scales of War Metrocenter

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