Scales of War Metrocenter

A Hole Too Far

In which the BRINDOLMEN learn that somethings cannot be pushed, and some things cannot be taken back.

*After defeating the orog and orcs in the Hall of Heroes, hidden below the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, the party travels into the bowels of the secret caverns, down to the great forge of the monastic order.
*The BRINDOLMEN witness Og, a huge orog whose voice and mannerisms remind them of their own half-orc slayer, Happy, brutally interrogates the leader of the Free Riders, Megan Swiftblade.
*As Happy reveals the party’s presence to the raiding party, the orc berzerkers and savages charge them, leading to a bloody slugfest.
*Happy counter-charges Og, and the two engage in a frenetic conversation about the rules of the game they are playing, seemingly oblivious to the pain they cause each other.
*As the battle rages, Happy succumbs to the blades of the bezerkers, and Og happily goes to teach his game to the rest of the party. Karkillian forces his way to Garrow, who is holding the orcs off from attacking the party’s backline, and magically mends Happy’s wounds. Alain follows Og’s flight, seeking to lock down this mobile and deadly opponent.
*Flecter and Graydan hold off the lurking orcs who attack them and devise a plan to defeat the Eye, Fletcher through force and Graydan through wiles.
*As the scrum continues, the Eye of Gruumsh orders one of his underlings to collect Swiftblade and drag her near one of the room’s many open pits. He demands that the party lay down their weapons and surrender, or Swiftblade will die.
*Although Graydan lays down his weapon, he threatens the Eye with divine retribution if harm comes to Megan. This temporarily flummoxes the Eye (“Can you really do that?”, he muses), but the party does not press their advantage. They continue attacking the now prone and hapless Og, trying to push him into a pit. His steel grip, applied to the tile floor, proves relentless however.
*The final answer to the Eye is Fletcher arrow through the eye of his minion. The Eye sniffs and says, “If your answer is final, so is mine,” as he kicks Megan into a deep pit. Many seconds pass as before the party hears her armor clunk sickeningly against the bottom of the pit.
The Eye begins working on a ritual spell, presumably to escape the encounter, his chances of opening a pathway to the invading orcish hordes having been dashed.
*As the party gains control of the mêlée, the Eye orders his other minions to set off the Forge, which quickly fills with lava, trapping Happy in knee deep volcanic sludge. Og sees him fall unconscious and laughs, telling Happy, “Tell me I am the best player and I will help you!” Happy’s silent repose angered Og. “Say it!”
*The party thumped Og again and again, trying to knock him into the pit to capture him, but he shrugged off their attempts. Karkillian’s magical protection on Happy enabled the orog Og to rescue him from his danger, but Alain kills Og with a piercing shield strike.
*The Eye escapes into his portal, cursing the party, and leaving his minion behind. The minion cowers in a corner and acquires a promise from the party not to kill him (foolishly not asking the party not to hurt him).
*Megan Swiftblade, having been thrown into a pit and submerged unconscious in lava, has died. The party is able to recover only her shield, a symbol of the Free Riders. Graydan performs a prayer ritual, asking Ioun to bless Megan’s spirit. As he finishes the ritual, he receives an unexpected answer…
*Happy takes one of Og’s fingers and tosses his corpse into the lava. As the corpse melts into nothing, Happy hears the faintest whisper…

What intel will the orc berzerker have?
What does Happy hear as Og’s corpse melts?
How will the Free Riders deal with news of Megan Swiftblade’s demise?
What is the effect of Graydan’s prayers?
How solid are the bonds between the BRINDOLMEN and their new members?


Experience in Encounter: 1914 XP/6 PCs=319 XP



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