Scales of War Metrocenter

Sarshan's castle

Shadows and lava

Sarshan’s rebels go off to set off the magical explosion in the volcano to rain lava down upon the gathering army. Iliana gives the party a golden lock to permanantly destroy the gate within the castle.

LIBRARY 1750 XP / 7 = 250 XP
Shadow Dart Trap Wall 250 XP (destroyed by a falling ceiling block)
Shadar-kai Witch 300 XP
2x Shadar-kai Gloomblade 250 XP
2x Shadar-kai Warriors 350 XP

GREAT HALL 1950 XP / 7 = 280 XP
2x Shadar-kai Chainfighters 250 XP
2x Dark Haunter 250 XP
Mad Wraith 250 XP
2x Shadar-kai Warriors 350 XP



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