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A Job Offering and Boss Erron (and Happy)
  • Graydan spends his evening writing letters to Jalissa, the acolyte of Ioun with whom he shared some pleasant times back in Brindol. Unfortunately, his writing disturbed the sleep of Fletcher, with whom he shared a room, causing him to have a bit of a temper for the rest of the day. As the sun rises on Overlook, Graydan finds a courier, Steven Goodman, of Steeds For Speed, who will take his bundle of letters to Jalissa within the week for a mere six gold.
  • The morning sees a small procession for the war heroes at Bordin’s Watch. As the injured veterans mill down the city’s central Dwarfroad, the people of Overlook wander down to pay tribute and to satisfy their curiosity: it is rumored that Happy Dragonrider will be among the parade’s marshalls! In fact, the centerpiece of the parade is a wooden rendering of Happy’s lucky ride, pulled by young, grumbling members of the City Guard. Happy, wandering from the High Society, happens upon the float and climbs aboard, waving boisterously to the delight of the assembled people.
  • Graydan and Fletcher watch the parade with some interest, while looking for a person who might be able to help patch up relations between the City Guard and the Revolutionaries. What they weren’t looking for was Rhogar, a Dragonborn sorcerer who claimed to be a war hero from Bordin’s Watch. The charming liar was chatting up Lietenant “Lulu” Lucille Hardcraft, a member of the Guard whose defining feature was that she had as many teeth as she had fingers. After agreeing to meet at sundown, Rhogar noticed Happy’s float, and decided to steal some of the glory for himself by scaling the structure and waving to the crowd. Happy wasn’t pleased by this usurping of his glory, and made Rhogar sit down so that everyone could see Happy.
  • After the parade, the adventurers decide to pursue some lead dealing with the conflict between the Guard and the Revolutionaries. Along the way, Fletcher hears a small girl reciting that same rhyme heard on their way into town:

The Ghost Who Hangs
He comes for your breath
He tightens the noose
and sees your death

He sees your sins
He sees your soul,
They’ll bury your corpse
So deep in a hole

The Ghost Who Hangs
He smells your fear
When he comes
He’ll hold you dear.

  • Disturbed by the poem, Fletcher asks the girl where she heard it. “From Molly,” she answered, indicating her button-eyed doll. The provincial Brindolmen all immediately used their scrying on the doll, to see if it might be a form of malignant evil, but they determined that its magic was entirely benign – it had a charm which would allow it to always be found by the girl. It is likely that the mother or grandmother of the girl is a wax witch. The girl, tired of being questioned, runs off to meet some friends, and the Brindolmen head to the bar.

*This seedy place in the shadows of town looks dangerous, and dangerous it proved. The bartender, a woman with an eye-patch named Kyne, speaks roughly, and has little time for Graydan’s high minded preaching or for Rhogar’s obvious come-ons. Two of the three goliath bouncers take Rhogar into the side room for a discussion about manners and propriety, while Happy cheerfully shares his gigantic mug of beer with everyone who would share.


The City of Overlook

In which the party returns from the Shadowfell and find themselves in the middle of a rebuilding city.

As the party dusts themselves off after their murderous jaunt in the Shadowfell, the party discovers that veterans from the town guard have been promoted to duty at Bordin’s Watch in order to shore up their defenses, and the guards left in town are very raw recruits – many appear to be teenagers. There are also a number of people walking the streets with red sashes tied to their left arms, just above the elbow – they self identify as Revolutionaries. Fletcher also heard a disturbing children’s rhyme about a ghost who kills, but doesn’t know if it means anything other than the town’s mood is pretty grim right now.

The party attempts to report their activities to the captain of the guard whom they worked with earlier, but find that he has been promoted to Bordin’s Watch. Instead, when they enter the Ministry of War, the headquarters of the City Guard in Overlook, and the recruiting station for the army at Bordin’s Watch, they meet a very, VERY green Lieutenant Armano Steele, who asks them their business. Happy injects that he is friends with the Revolutionaries, and the Lieutenant becomes visibly alarmed. Graydan mentions that they killed someone in the Shadowfell, and the Lieutenant actually stands up and starts to back away from his station, making a warding signal. More and more guards start to come out of the hold, and the party draws their weapons and slowly backs out, except for Happy, who keeps the guards at bay with his comment that it would be pointless to play a game together, since they would just lose. The terrified guards cautiously follow the party into the courtyard.

Out in the courtyard of the High Hall district, the players have a chance to escape and regroup, but choose to face the pursuing guards after a nervous private fires a crossbolt which, through some stroke of luck or fate, actually hits Happy. So there was a battle, which was basically a slaughter – the inexperienced guards were clearly outmatched and scared witless of actual battle. After the first round, a group of onlookers identified themselves as Revolutionaries and told the players to follow them. The party basically ignored them. Soon, one of the more veteran soldiers, Captain Krag Ramshead, arrives. His rune covered armor and hammer catch the eye of the runepriest minotaur Karkillian, who charges the Captain and staggers him with runic magic, blinding him the bargain. The Captain staggers back as his person entourage of youthful soldiers surround the over-exposed Karkillian, swinging wildly to bring down the raging beast.

The Revolutionaries, seeing that the party does not intend to leave the fray, begins to retreat themselves. An dashing elf revolutionary orders a defensive retreat. Just before they slip down the back alley, the elf tells Graydan, “Meet at the shanty graveyard at midnight in two days!” As the elf turns to see the approaching guard, his eyes go cold and he punctures the man’s throat with his rapier. Horrified, Graydan fights his impulse to walk past the dying man and stabilizes him.

At the same moment, Happy hears a voice he recognizes when the Captain, trying to shake off the stunning headache Karkillian gave him, starts yelling orders at his troops. Happy greets his father’s first-cousin, who convinces him to ask his fellow Brindolmen to lay down their arms until they can check out their story.

While the Brindolmen cool their heels in the ‘waiting room’, they receive a letter from Brus Hartman, their liaison in Brindol. He requests money for help building up their headquarters, which the Brindolmen gladly provide. Graydan writes out a note to Brus describing exactly how they would like the headquarters to have and they send it with a messenger.

Soon, Captain Ramshead returns, and grudgingly lets the Brindolmen go, warning them to stay out of trouble, as he has put his reputation on the line to get them out of trouble for injuring so many city guards.

After the party leaves, they split up. Happy stays in the center of town at the High Society team room tavern, where his uncle makes the necessary arrangements. While dining, Happy is pleased to meet many of the diners, who regard the oafish, but sweet half-orc as a clown. Fletcher decides to scout around Elftown, discovering that there are actually very few elves in the place, and the ones that ARE there don’t want anything to do with him. He does meet a halfling who is willing to talk to him. As payment for his kindness, Fletcher gifts the halfling with a drumstick from a chicken, which the halfling greatfully accepts. After the conversation, Fletcher spies the halfling picking the pocket of a nobleman. Checking his own purse, Fletcher finds 5 of his gold pieces missing. Graydan and the rest go back to the edge of the town and elect to stay overnight in the Mountain’s Hearth, a three story inn run by the agreeable dwarven madame Reggen. Graydan puts out a number of queries as to the town’s current ills, and he gets a mouthful. Graydan resolves to find someone who can pull together the fraying factions in the town.

NEXT TIME As night falls, the Brindolmen enjoy an idle sleep, enjoying accommodations for the first time in a week. But Overlook is a town that never sleeps, and idle hands are the devil’s playthings.

Sarshan's castle
Shadows and lava

Sarshan’s rebels go off to set off the magical explosion in the volcano to rain lava down upon the gathering army. Iliana gives the party a golden lock to permanantly destroy the gate within the castle.

LIBRARY 1750 XP / 7 = 250 XP
Shadow Dart Trap Wall 250 XP (destroyed by a falling ceiling block)
Shadar-kai Witch 300 XP
2x Shadar-kai Gloomblade 250 XP
2x Shadar-kai Warriors 350 XP

GREAT HALL 1950 XP / 7 = 280 XP
2x Shadar-kai Chainfighters 250 XP
2x Dark Haunter 250 XP
Mad Wraith 250 XP
2x Shadar-kai Warriors 350 XP

Man, it's hot down here

The heroes learn some secrets about this part of Shadowfell. And find a quaint tavern with bartender named Leena. Tracking down some leades, they track down Modra, the dark creeper who wishes to buy the copper key for 3000 dark crystals.

A few bold Ogres “invite” the party to spar.
4 Ogre savages
1 Tangler beetle
The party quickly dispatches them and gains a reputation of being tough (+2 on intimidate checks).

Modra and his minions have taken Sarsasha’s forge. They spring to attack as the party enters the forge.
8 Shadowgoblin maulers
1 Two-headed death boar
1 Modra, dark creeper shadowborn stalker
1 Dark creeper
TREASURE: 5th level, 6th level, 1 silver key

After the battle, Sarsasha’s men show up and escort the party to the castle at the center of town.


DM catchup
The Heros travel to Shadowfell

The heroes defeat a unit of Orcs pillaging the Dwarven quarters adjacent to the shrine. A chocker lurks in the background.

A cave troll and several Orcs are looting the Temple to Moradin. An oath is sworn and a flash of light is seen. The choker and his mate catch up to the party and attmept to make off with a straggler.

Four crossbow traps block the entrance to the nexus. Many orc bodies litter the hallway.

Orcs swarm. Og, the Orog chieftan is defeated. The Nexus is flooded for 1 month, preventing the orcs for undermining Boradin’s Watch.

The heroes head back to Overwatch to collect their reward. Each hero receives +200GP. Many remaining Free Riders join the Brindolman. Some are sent back to Brindol to strengthen the guard.

The Brindolman help hold the line at Boradin’s Watch.

The heroes return to Overwatch heroes. Happy raises Og from the dead. Twins are raised! A preist of Moradin is punched. The rest of the party finds a secret tunnel under the Happy Begger. A Dark Creeper named Modra is using the Happy Begger as cover for his gate to Shadowfell. He was the one supplying weapons to the orcs. He also offered Iliana, another Dark Creeper 3000 dark crystals for stealing the brass key the players posess. Iliana failed on her theivery attempt and agrees to help the party find Modra in Shadowfell in exchange for mercy.

Next week ….
The party travels to Umbraforge, a dark & dirty city within the Shadowfell.

A Hole Too Far

In which the BRINDOLMEN learn that somethings cannot be pushed, and some things cannot be taken back.

*After defeating the orog and orcs in the Hall of Heroes, hidden below the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, the party travels into the bowels of the secret caverns, down to the great forge of the monastic order.
*The BRINDOLMEN witness Og, a huge orog whose voice and mannerisms remind them of their own half-orc slayer, Happy, brutally interrogates the leader of the Free Riders, Megan Swiftblade.
*As Happy reveals the party’s presence to the raiding party, the orc berzerkers and savages charge them, leading to a bloody slugfest.
*Happy counter-charges Og, and the two engage in a frenetic conversation about the rules of the game they are playing, seemingly oblivious to the pain they cause each other.
*As the battle rages, Happy succumbs to the blades of the bezerkers, and Og happily goes to teach his game to the rest of the party. Karkillian forces his way to Garrow, who is holding the orcs off from attacking the party’s backline, and magically mends Happy’s wounds. Alain follows Og’s flight, seeking to lock down this mobile and deadly opponent.
*Flecter and Graydan hold off the lurking orcs who attack them and devise a plan to defeat the Eye, Fletcher through force and Graydan through wiles.
*As the scrum continues, the Eye of Gruumsh orders one of his underlings to collect Swiftblade and drag her near one of the room’s many open pits. He demands that the party lay down their weapons and surrender, or Swiftblade will die.
*Although Graydan lays down his weapon, he threatens the Eye with divine retribution if harm comes to Megan. This temporarily flummoxes the Eye (“Can you really do that?”, he muses), but the party does not press their advantage. They continue attacking the now prone and hapless Og, trying to push him into a pit. His steel grip, applied to the tile floor, proves relentless however.
*The final answer to the Eye is Fletcher arrow through the eye of his minion. The Eye sniffs and says, “If your answer is final, so is mine,” as he kicks Megan into a deep pit. Many seconds pass as before the party hears her armor clunk sickeningly against the bottom of the pit.
The Eye begins working on a ritual spell, presumably to escape the encounter, his chances of opening a pathway to the invading orcish hordes having been dashed.
*As the party gains control of the mêlée, the Eye orders his other minions to set off the Forge, which quickly fills with lava, trapping Happy in knee deep volcanic sludge. Og sees him fall unconscious and laughs, telling Happy, “Tell me I am the best player and I will help you!” Happy’s silent repose angered Og. “Say it!”
*The party thumped Og again and again, trying to knock him into the pit to capture him, but he shrugged off their attempts. Karkillian’s magical protection on Happy enabled the orog Og to rescue him from his danger, but Alain kills Og with a piercing shield strike.
*The Eye escapes into his portal, cursing the party, and leaving his minion behind. The minion cowers in a corner and acquires a promise from the party not to kill him (foolishly not asking the party not to hurt him).
*Megan Swiftblade, having been thrown into a pit and submerged unconscious in lava, has died. The party is able to recover only her shield, a symbol of the Free Riders. Graydan performs a prayer ritual, asking Ioun to bless Megan’s spirit. As he finishes the ritual, he receives an unexpected answer…
*Happy takes one of Og’s fingers and tosses his corpse into the lava. As the corpse melts into nothing, Happy hears the faintest whisper…

What intel will the orc berzerker have?
What does Happy hear as Og’s corpse melts?
How will the Free Riders deal with news of Megan Swiftblade’s demise?
What is the effect of Graydan’s prayers?
How solid are the bonds between the BRINDOLMEN and their new members?


Experience in Encounter: 1914 XP/6 PCs=319 XP

Library Illusion
The Library is a Lie!

After spending some time poking around a strange underground library, Happy Ianallareau hears some talking, through the fireplace. So naturally, he charges through the fireplace, revealing the monk’s hidden dormatory. Looting the dormatory are a pack of savage orcs, led by a cowardly Orog who wishes to regroup. Despite his great strength, his cowardly indecision costs him his life. Krik, the minotaur that recently joined the Brindolins shows his great stamina after being dealt near-mortal wounds and rising to continute the fight.
XP: 974/6 = 162

Investigating the re-group site, the party comes upon a dangerous stairway leading into the depths of the mountain. The stairway is filled with another band of savage orcs. Armed with axes and bellybows, they stand ready to repel any intruder. Quickly, they learn the folly of standing too near the edge, as several warriors fall to their depths. Not so for the Orog champion leading the band. With great resolve he tumbles all the way to the bottom of the stairway and charges back to the top to do battle again. During this time, the party learns a host of Orcish curses spoken in Giant. Oh, and he then is knocked off the stairway a second time and he falls to his death.
TREASURE: Two potions of healing, 200 GP
XP: 1057/6 176 XP


Proceeding on into the depths of the large cavern, the party hears some arguing in Giant. One voice sounds strangely familar to the minotaur ….

The Brindolmen are named
The party is named

The party rescues Eoffram Troyas and his son from the burning council chambers. The monk escapes from the burning building by jumping through the burning roof. Many of towns children begin to idolize the monk.

Rewards and repair. The group donates half of their reward back to the town for repairs. They also meet the FreeRiders, another adventuring group of heroes that chased down the routed goblin army of the Red Hand. The FreeRiders bring some recruits for R. Brus Hartman’s new [{Brindol]] militia. the militia is also granted rights to a burned out residence that will become their new barracks and traing ground once repaired. The militia gets three unlikely recruits, Splank, Splink, and Splunk, the Goblin Brothers.

The party has named themselves, thanks to Happy Ianallareau. The party is now called the Brindolmen.

The Brindolins head off to Overlook to answer the call to heroes. Quickly they arrive and are treated to a heroes welcome. The FreeRiders are appointed to the critical mission of sealing off the tunnels beneath Bordrin’s Watch, a Dwarven stronghold in the mountains. The Bridolins volunteer to rescue the monks at the Monestery of the Sundered Chain as their first step in completing their quest to Stop the Orc Horde.

Traveling through the mountains to finally arrive at the monestery is exhausting and takes a little longer than expected. Upon their arrival, many are found dead. The undisciplined orc sentries feast upon the bodies of the dead – friend and foe alike! these sentries are no match for the Brindolins! (564 / 5 = 113 XP)

The party enters the desecrated temple of Moradin and stops a dark ritual being performed by a Orc witch doctor. This villian and his henchemen are quickly dispatched. During the battle Graydan’s Singing Sword begins to let out a melodic moan, decrying the suffering felt in the temple. A level 7 ritual is found by Content Not Found: damanos. (651 / 5 = 130 XP)

PARTY CUMULATIVE EXPERIENCE = 3836 XP (we are going to play one more day at 3rd level; everyone can level up to 4th level after returning to civilization).

The Sacking of Brindol


  • After an argument, the party decides to delay its return to Brindol until they find Happy’s father.
  • Upon their arrival in Brindol, the party finds the city burning and a number of hobgoblin soldiers milling around under the authority of a hobgoblin warcaster.
  • After providing for the safety of the townspeople they’d rescued, the party rushes headlong into the battle, discovering Sinruth, the giant hobgoblin leader.
  • Swarmed by hobgoblins, Happy succeeds in taking out the warcaster and a few grunts before he is knocked unconscious. Surprisingly, Sinruth, despite taking massive damage, stays on his feet.
  • Archers appear on the burning rooftops of the town to lash out at the party. The Hobgoblin grunts move to engage the ranged member’s of the party.
  • After a concentrated effort to take down Sinruth, R. Brus Hartman’s piercing sword rends the villain’s heart in two, killing him instantly.
  • After Sinruth’s death, the remaining archers flee into the town and the adventurers are left to pick up the pieces.

Major Quest Completed: Rescue at Rivenroar: 500 xp
Sinruth – 125xp
Snarling Sinruth – 125xp
Desperate Sinruth – 125xp
Hobgoblin Warcaster – 150 xp
Hobgoblin Archers – 100 times 4 – 400 xp
Hobgoblin Grunts – 38 times 15 – 570 xp
Total XP: 1995 xp

Five party members
Happy, Graydan, R. Brus Hartman, Damanos, Fletcher

Total XP earned: 400 per character


The Lair of the Undead King

In which the party confronts the Undead King in his chamber room, and interrupt a dark and disturbing ritual.

  • The party bursts into the Undead King’s Lair and see one main room and one room barred by bookshelves.
  • Reanimated hobgoblin corpses face the adventurers.
  • The party gains the attention of the Undead King. He teleports to the center of the room.
  • The party attacks the Undead King with all their might, as he laughs at their futile efforts.
  • As the party destroys the Undead King’s minions, they notice a pained expression on his face each time.
  • The party desperately struggles to destroy the minions before they are killed and reanimated by the Undead King as part of his terrible army.
  • The Undead King’s chief, a huge reanimated being of solid necrotic energy, attacks the party. * Upon his death, the entire area is suffused with necrotic energy, healing all the Undead King’s minions, but also granting the party extra energy and purpose.
  • The party struggles to the altar, where the boy Thurran is slowly spinning behind a cloud of necrotic energy. As the monk Garrow pulls the boy into place, Aikkiphelios, Graydan and Damanos channel radiant energy into him and the altar, ending the ritual and killing the remaining minions.
  • Exposed and vulnerable, the Undead King is killed by a single arrow of radiant light from Fletcher.

The party takes a short rest, and faces a difficult choice:

  • Search for the last hostage, Happy’s adoptive father, or
  • Return to Brindol at once to aid the town against Sinruth’s assault?

Major Quest: The Undead King completed: 200 xp.
The Undead King: 300 xp
The Undead King’s Minions: 68 xp each times (10 archers + 13 soldiers)= 1564 xp
The Hobgoblin Deathwatcher: 150 xp
Ending Ritual before Thurran’s possession: 186 xp
Total XP: 2400

Six party members
Happy, Aikkiphelios, Graydan, Garrow, Damanos, Fletcher

Total XP earned: 400 per character

3193 XP


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